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5 Reasons Why Magnetic Sponsoring Is Important For MLM

Magnetic Sponsoring is a very powerful system for network marketers. It helps them solve their biggest problem. You See, the biggest problem in network marketing is this – most new reps have tremendous difficulty getting new leads and downlines.

Let’s examine the old school system – Old school prospecting techniques such as:

- Cold calling or pestering your ‘name list’
- Cajoling your friends and relatives to ’support’ your new business
- Dragging prospects to hotel opportunity meetings or getting them to talks
- Wearing stupid buttons, printing costly flyers and placing call cards on vehicles

Simply put – all these methods are considered ‘archiac’ and these prospecting methods will only waste all your time and money. Once you run out of money, you will ‘die a natural death’ unless you have a system that can fix all these problems.

Here’s Where Magnetic Sponsoring Helps You Out…

This system contains information that the majority of network marketers might resist initially because of the way they are taught. You have to open your mind because just like a parachute, it only works when it is open. If you truly desire strong success in MLM, you must be willing to learn new things and adapt to the times.

The MLM industry is totally different today thanks to the Internet today. Your prospects are becoming more aware. The ball is now on their court and you will need to adapt to new prospecting methods.

These 5 things about Magnetic Sponsoring will help your network marketing business tremendously:

- You will have a lead generation system that will help you to create more prospects
- Eliminate the majority of your face to face contacts by pre-warming your leads with the right quality information
- Brand yourself as an expert before people close their ears
- Make some cash up front before presenting them with your opportunity (less advertising costs)
- You can increase your success rate at downline retention when everyone uses a uniform system.

Find out how these works in these videos here:

LADY GAGA’s top 10 rules on marketing yourself successfully


If you don’t know who Lady Gaga is, you are probably living under a rock… her rise
to fame can only be paralleled to her use of wacky, outrageous costumes used on stage which leaves me ‘speechless’…

Here are my top 10 ways to market yourself successfully like Lady Gaga:


(1) Use a weird stage name. People will remember your name because you are
unique. Otherwise, make it easy for others to remember.

(2) Have an inspiration. Lady Gaga is heavily inspired by David Bowie, Freddy Mercury (Queen), Madonna and Michael Jackson. Do you have an Internet idol you can follow and emulate?

(3) Learn to JV with top marketers and leverage on their brand and credibility. You may have to do ‘more’ work on your part because your partner is already established, but it will launch you to success quickly.

Gaga has opened for acts such as New Kids On The Block and The Pussycat Dolls. That’s good ‘JV’ if you asked me…


(4) Do something crazy and outrageous in your business. Gaga worn a costume made out of an entire collection of Kermit the Frogs! (ooh… the poor Kermits murdered for fashion) People will remember who you are!

(5) You must constantly promote your products! Gaga promoted herself like crazy working in all kinds of projects and world tours. And she’s only 23. If you wanna make it big in Internet marketing, let others know who you are!

(6) Succeed by appealing to the crowds! You have to give the market what they want. Lady Gaga’s songs appeals to the dance and pop market – even though she is outrageous, she sings songs that people love to listen to. So should you.


(7) Make your products easy to slip into. If your products are NOT user friendly and requires rocket science knowledge, then you are not relating to your target market in a language they can understand.

Just take a look at Lady Gaga’s songs. She ain’t singing opera and most of her lyrics are so easy to sing and get into (imagine singing songs that goes ‘doo doo doo doop, just dance…’, ‘p-p-p-p-p-p-poker face…’ or ‘eh eh, nothing else I can say’ Don’t you think it’s easy for people to get into her music singing a lot of doo doo or eh eh?

(8) Be true to yourself! This one needs no explanation as most artistes are kings and
queens of expressing who they are – being authentic and letting people feel you. Do
your subscribers FEEL you?

(9) Use your creativity to BEAT the competition! Gaga has been compared to Madonna and Gwen Stefani. But that doesn’t stop her from making big bucks in her industry with others like her around…. In your Internet marketing business, do you out maneuver your competitors with your wit or are you drowning with them?

(A picture of a Malaysian dish called ‘Rojak’ – Means fusion, mixture or anything…)

(10) This is the MOST IMPORTANT point of all! Gaga is the queen of Fusionizing her music!

She combines her glam rock influence with techno/pop music to create a powerful fusion of outrageous, yet mainstream and listenable songs that ANYONE can get into!

You have to learn to combine HOT niche markets together and you will arrive at the
best product with maximum exposure and NO competition!

Click here to find out how it’s done:

Hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know your comments!

How Magnetic Sponsoring Will Help Your MLM Business

Magnetic Sponsoring is considered to be the No.1 lead generation and cash flow tool in the MLM industry. If you are sick and tired of cold calling prospects, looking for friends and relatives to support your business or even attending hotel meetings week after week, then it is imperative that you take a look at this program.

Magnetic Sponsoring believes in 2 fundamental principles:

- Generating more leads
- And generating more cash

When you have no leads in your business, it’s like having no customers for your shop. In other words, your business is dying a slow death.

We know this by hard – your MLM list or your name list is your life line. Cut yourself off from it and you’ll find another business soon enough.

Most people wind up paying cash to buy leads. But without leads, you will find yourself without cash flow also.

It’s a vicious cycle that cannot be solved.

Thank goodness for Magnetic Sponsoring.

It solves these two fundamental problems easily. Check it out. It will help your business!

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM

I don’t know who wrote this story, but I’m sure that it is worth your time to read this as it really inspires me to let people know that you will get so much further in life and your MLM if you fuse kindness with everything else you do…

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM1

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM2

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM3

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM4

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM5

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM6

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM7

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM8

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM9

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM10

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM11

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM12

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM13

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM14

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM15

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM16

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM17

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM18

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM19

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM20

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM21

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM22

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM23

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM24

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM25

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM26

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM27

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM28

Fusionology-Fusing Kindness And Your MLM29

When I read this story, it always touches me as it is quite inspirational.It as well shows me that the smallest amount of effort towards someone else can make a profound difference.  this got me to thinking about what an innovative idea this teacher had… fusing appreciation and a class project.

This in turn led me to think about fusing showing appreciation to clients and MLM success. After all everyone loves to know that someone is behind them or thinking about them or their welfare. Although showing appreciation to customers in a genuine way may be a new idea to some MLM business owners… it’s remarkable what this idea can accomplish.

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Success University-Why You Must Learn To Coach For Success

Today we’ll take a look at why developing coaching skills will save time, money, effort, and your nerves!

The foremost thing you need to understand is “What a coach does?” Plainly put, a coach applies their skills to assist their clients, a form of guidance system. But it is crucial for the client to pick out his or her own course. Being kind of like an advisor, instructing the client how to navigate their own ship.

Coaches discover the rudimentary problems. They discover the elephant in the room, the matter that needs to be talked about but isn’t. Coaches hear on to a very much deeper degree. Which is something that will require some practice, However once you get it down you can save a clump of time since lots of times its what’s not being talked about that’s most substantial.

Now we need to know why coaching skills are crucial to your business. Coaching skills help cut back on the time it takes to get matters executed. Coaching skills assist in inspiring trust in you straight off. Coaching skills bring down the pressure and stress that goes with being a business owner. And first and foremost, coaching skills help make certain that the message you transmit, is the same as the message that the client is taking in. You want to polish your clarity. Matters can get misconstrued, and misunderstood very rapidly, but with the right skills as a coach, you are able to ward off all discombobulation.

As a coach, you want to find out how to see what is and isn’t there. You want to be capable of tuning into what your clients do and say in a way that you might not be able to accomplish presently. Most individuals don’t do this, but you would like to stick out amid the bunch and show the clients how you are different from the remainder of the “coaches.” This is merely hearing individulas, and comprehending their worries. Hear what is stated, and what isn’t stated. Ask questions, and hear the replies. Listen, listen, listen, with your total being as if no one, no affair matter at that specific instant in time.

Listen without any judgments; don’t hurry to any resolutions, just affording them the space to be who they are. It will make a difference. Put yourself in the other individuals place, hear where they’ve been, what they’ve been up to, who they were with, what region of the world they are from, anything to bring about a context on how they could experience your message.

Coaching is delegating in its supreme configuration. You discover how to give another individual the space they require to let their own procedure of discovery thrive. When they do this, once they feel safe, they begin to find resolutions on their own. And that’s once you genuinely reduce the time it takes to get matters complete in your own business as well as within that individuals business you are helping develop.

You may be thinking what you can do right at this moment. And the response is start out rehearsing true listening skills. Whether you’re speaking with a customer or someone in the family or your group of friends, rehearse being wholly “in the moment with them.” Out of everything the most important idea you should come away with is how vital listening/hearing is and can be to you getting in touch with your clients and how critical to your business.

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MLM Recruiting-Using Thanksgiving For Relationship Building

Chief executive officers know that the customer runs their business. A returning customer is more affordable than the new customer when it touches on marketing. So what’s the finest way to get your customers to keep returning? Well, history has instructed us that the best way to “grow” your business is to produce personal relationships with your customers or candidates.

As a MLM marketer, you should recognize that this business is all about constructing relationships. This industry calls for it. Establish your relationships with your customers and candidates and you’ll see your business grow.

With cut out turkeys gazing at you from sales outlets and neighbors’ front windows, it’s difficult to brush aside the fact that it’s almost Thanksgiving. However all those funny looking turkeys should remind you of something additional, as well. It’s time to heat up your marketing efforts for the holiday season.

Although the holiday shopping season traditionally begins the day after Thanksgiving, the time to get your marketing materials ready to go out is right now.

One plan of attack to pulling in business after Thanksgiving Day is to send your customers or candidates a little Thanksgiving Day “thank you” in the form of a price reduction coupon or other exceptional offer.

Certainly, you could send off a coupon after Thanksgiving, as well because there are more holidays right around the corner. But make sure it stands out or it’s more likely to get lost in a mess of fliers, holiday cards or, emails that get sent during the holidays that your customers or candidates will be receiving. Send off a greeting and exceptional holiday offer just prior to Thanksgiving, and you’ll have a better opportunity of having your message looked at.

Some really great things you can send customers or candidates come from cross promotion Talk to business organizations in your community or online industry to see if there’s one business or person that realizes the value of cross-promotion.

Propose that the other business give you vouchers (say, buy one of something get one of something half-priced) that you are able to send as a present to your customers or candidates. You do the mailing or emailing if you will, they get a comparatively inexpensive and simple way to market their business and be recommended to your customers or candidates. You win by having a good reason to remind customers or candidates that you’re available to serve them whenever they need you.

Showing appreciation for your customers and candidates can set you apart from your competitors, increase loyalty, improve retention, inspire sales and even construct relationships that last a lifetime. Effective marketing relies on repeat exposure and showing appreciation is a low-cost and effective way to keep your marketing wheels in motion.

Check Here for information on Success University and more good relationship building strategies.

Magnetic Sponsoring-Social Community Tips For Superior Leads

Today we’ll take a look at brining in superior leads. Emphasis on ‘superior’ as a lead in and of itself is useless unless the individual is responsive. It’s something you are able to alter about your plan of attack for your MLM business right away. And the minute you do, you’re on a path that pulls in business and agrees with your personality.

Although this technique can be applied by any type of business owner and entrepreneur, not ‘simply’ networkers, I’m talking purely to MLMers now as they’re the only big group of business people who tend to “not” to use this.

Take measures to institute credibility inside a social community so individuals view you as a useful authority.

Those of you who need this lots… are the same people who protest it. Many believe, “It’s not a quick fix.”

Well, I disagree.

How well have the “alleged” short-cuts been working out for you up to now? It might be time to fill the vacuous void in your business, where the income and time have been sucked down.

The mistaken notion is that you’ll succeed quicker if you center entirely on generating leads so you are able to sell products to them. Don’t you recognize they can sense that from you? Fill the void first of all with a contribution to a social community to acquire exposure and believability, as that’s what pulls in individuals and makes the leads you get superior.

Ok….So how do you accomplish it?

In traditional business, individuals link up with associations and social networks, while proving themselves as a credible contributor inside that group. Some volunteer. Some may network at speaking functions or connect with networking clubs. That may work, but it isn’t near as good as exercising this same thing on the web. Smart marketers are becoming contributors inside online social networks and communities.

It’s more or less positioning. To pull in more business, don’t simply center on getting hold of ‘newbies’ to sell to daily. First off, place yourself so that you’ll set up trust, believability and naturally draw individuals to you. If you consider successful networkers, this is precisely what they’ve been executing also.

Paying attention, I’ve discovered that many of the successful individuals were participating in their community in some manner. One person who caught my attention went to ‘networking affairs’ regularly, but not simply that… he was forever assuming a leadership role there. One person did fund raising.

These individuals were socially influential since they did things that put them in front of folks as a believable resource in some way. Not many attack their business this way and can’t visualize that what they’re doing isn’t going to work. They’re so fixed on selling consistently that individuals stop purchasing from them entirely. Yeah… you may bring in a few sales, but that way will naturally be full of opposition. Few individuals will ever break-even as they never discover what truly draws business to them.

I’m not saying don’t have a system. However, only subsequent to, or while you’re positioning yourself, as a believable resource inside social communities. For then as you get leads, you have credibility. That’s what makes lead superior.

You can be the successful exception. If you really wan to succeed, and you’d like the road to be more instinctive and effortless, think about doing what the successful individuals do. Get and implement the correct tools to be seen as an authority in those social communities and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

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MLM Recruiting How To Avoid A Madoff And Find A Reputable MLM

Nearly everyone that has anything to do with money, loans or investing (which is nearly everyone) has heard about the Madoff scandal that rocked the financial world and was even a key factor in the demise of some of the largest companies and banks out there. Here we will be coining a new phrase pertaining to investment failure and deceit, A Madoff. As well we will take a look at how you can find a reputable MLM company and avoid A Madoff yourself.

For further information for your business, click here to get more info about How Network Marketing Works.

Magnetic Sponsoring-Super Stardom Is Within Your Grasp

Now that you recognize what it needed to be a leader, how precisely do you become a superstar sponsor to your downline?

First off understand that sponsoring is not talking about an event. It’s a method, a development. It’s not something that occurs immediately. It’s something that comes about over time.

Once you sponsor somebody, it isn’t the end of the deal, it’s the kickoff. Individuals frequently tell me they sponsored somebody. Actually, they haven’t yet sponsored them. Admittedly, they might have signed them up, but they haven’t yet truly sponsored them.

Once you sponsor a new member, you’re starting a working relationship. Webster’s Dictionary specifies a sponsor as an individual who makes him/herself responsible for another. Being a sponsor bears re*spons*ibility. As a matter of fact, the root word sponsor is inside the actual word responsibility. So, in order to be a beneficial sponsor, we must be responsible for our new member to genuinely be a sponsor. Otherwise, we’re merely recruiters.

Once you bring on a new member, they way you become a beneficial sponsor to them is to carry out the following:

1. As soon as they sign on, acquaint them with other upline leaders on the team. Make certain your new member feels well received in their new surroundings. Letting them know that there are other people who have an interest in their success continuing. It makes them feel part of the team. It as well teaches them that they should be doing the equivalent thing with all of the new people they sign on. This is the first component of the duplication method.

2. Make certain that your new member understands the systems that are available to them for adding their new people to the team. Make certain they have all of the conference call numbers, pre-recorded info lines, internet sites, corporate telephone numbers, upline telephone numbers, and so forth. Help them to get acquainted with all of this info. Show them the site, take them to the calls, and explain to them how they fit in to construction of their business. They won’t understand unless you let them know.

3. Get them involved in company or team education straight off. Take them to any education calls you have scheduled, or get them whatever education documents that you have available to you. Run through it with them.

4. Get them involved straight off , today, this second. Not tomorrow or next week, but right this moment. Begin making contact with their warm market with them. If they don’t yet have a warm market, assist them in generating leads and start working those leads at once.

5. Rehearse with them any scripts they’ll be utilizing. Roll play with them. Get them to rehearse it until it becomes second nature.

6. Let them get on the phone with you as you’re doing calls to exhibit the simplicity of enrolling someone.

7. Instruct them expressly on what needs to be done to effectively establish the business. Don’t make them guess about it. If they haven’t done MLM before, they’ll in all likelihood guess wrong.

8. Carry on supporting them and be available for them. Never vanish and don’t hide behind voice mail. Always quickly return phone calls and be enthusiastic about assisting them.

9. As they develop and evolve, give them fresh ideas and expose them to more innovative strategies for recruiting and building the business. Recommend books and tapes for them to listen to and read to aid them in developing into more effective listeners, communicators and responsible business masters.

10. Synopsis: Be responsible. Don’t just sign them up and require them to be successful. You’ll produce failures every time. It is your responsibility if your new member fails, if you neglect to be a responsible sponsor. If you take the time to instruct them and work with them, you’ll be rewarded far more in the future than you put in now.

Being a beneficial sponsor is truly not that hard if you have the right leadership traits. If you’re not a good leader now, it’s alright, put some effort in. Take this info to heart and grow yourself into the leader that you’re committed to becoming. We all have to begin as followers at some point in our lives. And then, at some point, we make the conscious choice to become a leader. It’s either lead, follow, or out of the way. Select wisely!

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Mindset-Tips On Developing A Positive Mindset

There are a lot of ways to learn MLM marketing. But, to effectively employ MLM marketing as a career you must first of all find the right mindset.

As with any facet of life, mental attitude can make a difference between success and failed endeavors.

So with that in mind among the foremost things you should do is develop a favorable mindset. Implement this positive outlook marketing right from the minute you start to learn how to do any kind of marketing.

Remind yourself often that there’s nothing you can’t learn. Don’t let your self-confidence be shaken, keep a “I can do this” position.

Gambles are as you start to learn IMLM marketing you’ll encounter language that you’re not acquainted with. If you don’t have a positive outlook, the deficiency of knowledge may discourage you. If you feel this happening to you merely remind yourself that there’s nothing you can not learn.

Don’t become disheartened, rather, use your access to the net to search for the meaning and learn the MLM marketing terminology as…there’s nothing you can’t learn.

MLM isn’t a race. If you need to spend a while researching marketing terms then by all means take the time and study them.

Becoming comfy with the jargon will make it that a lot easier for you to learn. You’ll thank yourself later when you determine that technical terms no longer slow you down.

While you’re researching the nomenclature, get acquainted with basic MLM tools also. Studying about these tools prior to trying to use them will assist you in keeping your positive mind-set for 2 reasons.

1st it will help you distinguish the unneeded tools from the essential ones. 2nd, it will keep you from getting overwhelmed by tool many tools.

Pay attention to tools that catch your interest, but don’t jump on them till you’ve studied more about MLM and how to implement the tools. Then you’ll be in a better place to assess what value, if any, a certain tool has to your marketing model and plan. Keep centered and hold on moving ahead. This will keep you from getting mired in details that are not yet crucial for you.

One thing to recognize is that regardless how positive you try to be, there will be times when it looks like nothing you learn is adding up. Acknowledge that you’ll have those days, keep reminding yourself that there’s nothing you can’t learn.

If you start to feel swamped to the point that you’re losing your positive mind-set then take a time out. Put off your computer and walk away. When you get back from your short break chances are that when you take out your study material, matters will begin to make more sense and your positive mentality will still be intact.

Remember that you are able to be whatever you prefer to be. All you have to do is take the time to get the knowledge and skills you need to accomplish your goals. This might not happen overnight, but if you keep a positive attitude, work hard, and take in what you need, your confidence in your power will grow and you’ll get where you want to go. You are able to learn successful MLM marketing techniques and positive mindset.

For an understanding of a tool for correct mindset and how it is , check out Magnetic Sponsoring right here.